1. Driving along you can see all the people
    Who seem to have nothing to say to each other,
    Each day they grow farther and farther away from each other -


  2. No trash in this house

    I’ve been writing every day - to talk through things, mostly. Recently realized that I used to care about music, so I’m running through old albums, documenting certain songs that I don’t want to forget but have forgotten, because I drank too much in the past. Making a few comments under the titles. Made it through three so far.

  3. Thumbs up, Departure!


  4. Picked up my copy of Raise High the Roofbeam, and I dog-earred at least 25 pages.


  5. You know when you associate a song with a certain point in your life? It becomes the theme song for a big change or goal, and when you get to the point where that change has been made or that goal has been met, you listen to that song, and you’re still not satisfied. It feels like a fucked up variation of scent nostalgia, and it’s weird that it’s fucked up despite the fact that you changed your life in a significant and probably positive way.